Toilet Repair

When it comes to toilet repairs, there seems to be endless ways that a toilet can malfunction.
First and most urgent, unblocking a clogged toilet. This is a problem that needs fixing right away. Usually the clog is in the u-bend which connects the bowl to the waste pipe and drain. All sort of items get dropped down a toilet as well, and common blockages are caused by a build up of toilet paper and sanitary items. Most clogs can be cleared our professional drain cleaning equipment, but occasionally the bowl may need to be removed it a large item like a child’s toy is wedged in.

Repairing a toiletLess urgent but still needing maintenance is a fill valve. The fill valve is a valve connected to the cold water supply and allows water at a controlled pace to refill the toilet tank. Sometimes the valve shut-off mechanism fails, and the valve does not shut off at the correct level. A slow leak can cause the valve to allow water into the tank continuously, and a faster leak can cause the toilet to overflow. It is best to replace a toilet fill valve every few years to prevent problems later. Some older toilets have a plastic float attached to an arm which floats up to switch the fill valve on and off. Newer units use float which is part of the fill valve unit.

A simple but annoying toilet related item is the flapper valve. This is a weighted flap of soft rubber or silicone material which is lifted by the toilet handle and allows the flush action to happen by letting water pour into the bowl. If the flapper gets worn or hardens up through age, then it may not seal properly when the handle returns to its normal position. A poor seal can allow water to run into the bowl continuously and will waste water as well as constantly operating the fill valve. This is another piece of hardware that should be replaced regularly.

Another cause for a toilet leaking is the seal between the flush valve and the water reservoir tank. If the seal has a worn or loose gasket, then water can leak from the tank onto the bathroom floor. To replace the gasket, the tank is removed from the bowl of the toilet, and then the gasket can be replaced. Rather than just replace the gasket, it is better to replace the valve, gasket and tank mounting bolts at the same time.

If the toilet has a leak from the base, or wobbles from side to side when sat on, a toilet flange repair may be required. This toilet flange connects the bolts which hold the toilet to the floor and is the location of a large wax sealing ring between the toilet and drain in the floor. To check a flange, a plumbing technician will undo the retaining bolts from the flange, then the flange can be checked for a crack or split. After either repairing the flange or replacing it, your plumber in Boca Raton will insert new wax ring into the shoe of the toilet, before replacing the hold down bolts, and then re-installing the tank.