Drain Cleaning

We know how important it is to fix a blocked drain or toilet, and so same day service is usually available for these urgent problems. When it comes to drains, you need fast action – we are here to help!

Most requested drain services include:

Drain cleaning

Clogged sinks,

Slow draining showers and tubs

Sewer line clean-out and pipe repair

Cleaning Out a Drain
Your plumbing specialist might make use of a number of various tools to unclog your shower, sink or tub drain such as a power auger, in some cases called a drain snake. A drum auger is a commonly used tool to clear clogged lines in between one inch and 2 inch diameter. The name drum auger gets its name from the plastic drum that keeps the metal cable coiled inside. Access to the pipe varies widely, a sink might be accessed by removing the stopper, or by accessing the trap from below the sink. Often a bath or shower tub may be accessed through the overflow. The auger cable is inserted into through the blocked pipe, and rotated as it goes, your plumber will typically need to stop every now and then to navigate an elbow or joint or remove an obstruction.

Clogged Toilet
For a clogged toilet, more often a closet auger is the tool of choice. Your professional will certainly first identify if the clog is in the toilet itself, or farther down the drain. A closet auger will clear the clog as the blockage is normally within 3 feet of the bowl. If the blockage is further along than that, there might be an obstruction in the main line, which will need heavier duty equipment. The closet auger is a J-shaped piece of equipment which is placed in the bowl, and the cable is turned at the handle deal with end to unblock the clog, similar to a how a drum auger is used. After the toilet blockage is cleared, your plumbing professional will also check the toilet tank including the overflow flapper, pipeline and inlet valve, to ensure the water level is appropriate for flushing. There needs to sufficient water in the toilet bowl to make sure a siphon action is created during flushing to ensure the bowl contents are cleared out each time.

drain-clogged-by-rootsBlocked Drains Due to Tree Roots
A common reason for a blocked drain or sewer line is the ingress of tree roots. A tree or large bush send roots down for moisture, and if any small crack or leaking joint is found, then the rots can penetrate the pipe, and will grow rapidly causing a blockage, which will need some specialized rooter equipment to be used to unclog the drain.

Preventative Actions You Can Take to Stop Your Drains Getting Clogged
With sinks and tubs, over time there is often a build up of hair, grease and water salts, and even soap accumulation. Then more hair can build-up and get clogged gradually. Drains do not become obstructed with things like hair and other particles, you can bet that there is a collection of build-up from things like soap residue, water calcium, and other elements that grow on each other to form a nasty, mucky build up. Among the most basic ways to clear out this build-up and keep drains clear and completely free of clogs is to pour some boiling water down your drains weekly, a pot of boiling water from the stove poured gradually down the drain will work great to keep the water flowing.

Another preventative step is to stop hair and other items from going down the drain in the first place. A simple gadget referred to as a drain screen is an easy to use it is a plastic or metal cover with holes into cover the drain entryway and go a long way in securing your drains from blockages. They are generally made from metal or plastic, and can be discovered in any chain retail, home, or hardware improvement store. The drain screen is merely put over the drain to block hair and soap residue from going down the drains. It is crucial to be sure to clean the screens often, pouring some boiling water can assist clean this.

One of the most essential things to prevent is grease or fat that can be poured down the drain, however when it cools off can solidify. Utilize a drain, stopper, and/or screen filter whenever necessary. The threat of pouring hot grease down a drain is that grease may be in liquid type while it is hot, but it will harden when it cools and might extremely easily adhere to your pipes and clog your drain. Again flushing with boiling water can help, unless the grease blockage is too huge. Do not forget if your preventative procedures fail, give our drain cleaning technicians a call today